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Sheryl Doe

Managing Director – Dispensing Optician, Allegro Optical

Sheryl Doe is a dispensing optician and Managing Director of
National Award Winning Allegro Optical. With over 20 years’
experience, working in Europe and the UK Sheryl has practised in
some of the most demanding areas of eye-care.
A keen musician Sheryl plays the Cello and Double bass, she also
plays cornet in a brass band. With a love of music, Sheryl
developed a unique understanding of the challenges that some
musicians face with deteriorating eyesight.
With an interest in ophthalmic lens design, Sheryl developed a
unique algorithm to help musicians and performers needing vision
correction. She has published papers on the subject and is seen as
an industry leader in her specialist field. Sheryl’s unique approach
to vision correction also works well for teachers, lecturers,
presenters and media professionals.
Founding the specialist optical group with partner Stephen Tighe, a
professional musician, in 2016 Sheryl soon had a steady following
of performers with complex eye care needs. In 2018 Sheryl won the Best New Business Entrepreneur of the year and in 2019 she was the recipient of the Opticians Awards Dispensing Optician of
the Year and Allegro Optical was named as the Best New
Business Arts and Entertainment Business of the Year.