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Sarah Setterfield

Director, Impact for Success

Over the past 20 years I have worked with a number of clients in both private and public sectors and never tire of seeing the transformations that can be achieved in a short space of time. All you need are the right thought-provoking questions followed by expert advice and the time and space to put it all together.

As an ex-Marketing Director, I became fascinated by how easy it was to take the principles of marketing products and services and adapt them to marketing yourself. I have subsequently designed and delivered solutions around Strengths-based Careers, Credibility & Impact, Talent Management, Career Development, Resilience & Well-being, Growth Mindset, Unconscious Bias and Women in Leadership.

People describe me as being… fun, kind, inspirational, engaging, high-energy, creative, intuitive and empathic. I LOVE helping people to have their own insights and to be motivated to drive their own change.

What I’m most passionate about in my work is… providing the safety for people to look inside themselves, the questions that allow them to find their insights and giving the support and framework to make the changes.