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Paul Gibson

Director, Rise Above Ltd and Go Vocal Video Ltd

I am a serial business owner and executive coach helping people fulfil their potential

My career started in print media running newspaper companies across the UK, I later switched to managing magazines based in Central London. In 2003 I led a start-up magazine company across the capital, later moving into Essex and Cambridge. Having sold all my publishing interests I spent time developing a Management Consulting company, an Engineering firm and a Champagne business. In 2015 I set up a Video Production Company with an experienced filmmaker, specialising in corporate videos.

I now divide my time across my two companies: Rise Above Partners Ltd and Go Vocal Video Ltd

I use my 35 years experience in business as a senior director in the corporate world and developing my own companies, to help leaders and organisations grow and fulfil their goals.

Rise Above joins up seamlessly leadership coaching, strategy and delivery, online or in person. We are capable of helping the most successful businesses to lead still better and assist the ones in need of specific help, whatever the circumstances. We target leaders who are curious, in any sector or category.

My video work focuses on producing films that deliver for our clients to get them seen, heard and remembered. We produce focused, creative and compelling videos, and video marketing content.

Everything I do is tailored and bespoke to individuals and organisations, virtually or personally.