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Reflecting on TAP’s positive impact

When I co-founded TAP (Thank And Praise), a socially-led business, in January 2019, nobody could have envisaged what was coming next in terms of a global pandemic or the unprecedented outpouring of gratitude for society’s unsung heroes from the public.

TAP’s social thanking platform was created as we believed there was a genuine human need for a new way to say thanks. Our market research confirmed this with 70% of people who described themselves as “thankers”, not always getting the chance to thank those people who regularly go the extra mile.

This has been borne out over the past year and a half when digital became the new norm and thousands of people shared their heartfelt messages of thanks for keyworkers in healthcare, social care and education via TAP’s digital platform.

We started out in Berkshire with a few education and healthcare organisations utilising TAP’s platform however by the end of 2020, it had been used to share thousands of positive messages for hundreds of keyworker organisations across the UK, with over 500,000 views on TAP’s channels.

I’m proud to say that TAP’s free-to-use platform is now being used at an organisational-level at almost 100 locations, including one of the largest acute NHS trusts – United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust – and one of the largest secondary schools – Exmouth Community College.

As a result, we are now supporting the wellbeing of over 12,000 keyworkers, ensuring that they receive the regular gratitude that they deserve as well as providing members of the public with a quick, easy, secure and free way to give thanks!

When the COVID-19 crisis is finally over, TAP will continue its mission to enable the public to show its appreciation for the nation’s keyworkers, in line with our vision to create a more positive world.

(Matt Findel-Hawkins, CEO of TAP)

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